Tea Break Film Festival links


Description – Hoping for a better URL of course, but until then this will have to do. Here you can see more than just the winners, here you can see the contenders, the close-shaves, the never-quite-made-its, the films we still believe to be very good indeed.

URL – www.youtube.com/channel/UCEnccOpfW-cl9FMl5698Riw


Description – From the ancient Japanese tea ceremony to the British tea-cosy, the tea break is a time for reflection or chat. A time to be interested or switch off. To relax by focussing. The Tea Break Film Festival celebrates short films which are refreshing and restful, engaged and drifting. Our Facebook page is full of up to date information and thoughts and conversations about the Tea Break Film Festival.

URL – facebook.com/teabreakfilmfestival