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Head Judge announced!

Zaff Malik

This year we are delighted to have Zaff Malik as our Head Judge for the 2017 Tea Break Film Festival.

Head Judge

When we started in 2013 the winner was chosen by the festival audiences – voting after their cuppa. But last year (2016) we decided to have a judging-panel because there were so many films to see that not all the audiences would be able to experience the full programme. So a big thank-you to Zaff on behalf of the City of Hull, in accepting our invitation to attend this years festival as our Head Judge.

Actor Zaff Malik is busy on several high profile TV/film projects in the UK and the USA. He brings with him a lot of insight into the field of acting having worked on a big-budget feature film and with major TV studios such as the BBC/ITV. This endorses him alongside Producing/Writing, as a figure with astonishing ability in the film industry, giving us plenty of energy for developing the independent film market here in Hull.


This is the link for Zaff’s IMDb page if you wish to know more about him.


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